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explained in A Students Guide to Academic Integrity at the University of Oklahoma. In rare circumstances, the dean may appoint additional members to a students committee. The request must be made in writing at least five business days before the examination. The student is seeking committee advice on the project during Summer. A student who does not pass the non-thesis examination on the first attempt may, at the discretion of the committee, repeat the exam once in a future term. Or Master's degree until the dissertation or thesis is submitted to the Graduate School and accorded unlimited distribution status." Exceptions to this requirement will be made only if there is a letter from a publisher stating that the dissertation will be published within one year.

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Quot; a student cannot appeal an unsatisfactory result of the exam on the basis that he or she had not completed this coursework. The credit was not previously applied to a completed bachelors. Where noted, the graduate liaison or committee chair must notify the Graduate College in writing as to why the defense ou master thesis standard was not held and the form must be returned marked" A student who has not completed all required or core courses and at least. See the list of required items below and note that some. The thesis defense must then, the number of credit hours for each enrollment in 5980 will be determined by the students committee chair on the basis of the amount of faculty and university services required by the student during that enrollment. The full text version will be available for download only to members of the Brown community. Not Taken, s This program is designed to meet the professional needs of parttime students and other students whose background and educational goals may be best served by additional instructed ou master thesis standard study in lieu of the research investigation involved. No more than 12 hours of coursework taken before failing the nonthesis examination for the second time or failing the thesis defense may be applied to another masters degree. And other illustrative materials should be avoided. If the defense is not held during this period.

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NonThesis Examination Committee Selection The committee must consist of a committee chair and at least two other members of the graduate faculty. Basic requirements FOR THE masters degree. S electronic theses thesis and dissertation ETD system. S Thesis 5980 may be SU graded coursework. THE NONthesis examination The nonthesis examination is one of the requirements of a nonthesis program and cannot be waived. A masters student with a thesis requirement will submit the file through Brownapos. After an evaluation has been conducted for an overage course. The exam may not be held during the period of final course examinations. All resident credit required for a masters degree must be taught by members of the graduate faculty of the University of Oklahoma.

Any changes to this form must be approved by the Graduate College before the defense can be authorized.Failure to Deposit the Thesis A student may not graduate until all degree requirements, including the thesis deposit, have been completed.Credit previously applied to an OU degree cannot be applied to a second OU degree, except in the case of an approved accelerated degree program (see Accelerated Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees ).