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step is to make the form for the helmet base. The patterns on kits page 4 and 8 are glued together by cutting a slot in each piece on the center line and then fitting them together. You'll also need some white glue, sandpaper, a hot glue gun, some lightweight spackling paste, an X-Acto knife and some. Getting the curve of the dome right will make finishing the helmet much easier. The dent was then filled sandra in with spackling paste. That's it- time to go trick or treating! This will seal everything and make your helmet much easier to paint as well as help make your helmet water resistant. M, the templates are designed to be printed on letter size paper so just open the files with a program like Adobe Acrobat and print them so they fit on letter size paper. Now coat the entire helmet with some Minwax Polycrylic sealer. There is also a panel that gets glued onto the back of the helmet. Step 6: Add Details, now add any additional details. When it dries sand it to shape. The dome frame is made from two interlocking cardboard semicircles and is then glued to the cardboard ring. Then I epoxy the joint at the back of the helmet.

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Filling in the Dome, now make the cheekbone sections by gluing the cheekbone template parts together and bending the cardboard and tacking it into place using a glue gun. Now make the inner helmet surface. Step university of westminster dissertation 2, recommendations FauxReal Contest Cardboard Challenge Comfort Food Challenge. I then added some foam to the inside of the helmet to make it fit nagaravani kannada news paper davangere my head so it wouldnapos.

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The visor is just some tinted plastic that is then glued. Step 5, s where the spackling paste comes, the" There will be a lot of trimming and adjusting involved so take your time. I used hot glue but epoxy putty works really well too and is probably stronger. Ear" taping them together and cutting them from a single piece of cardboard. Dome I first make a cardboard ring and glue it into the top of the helmet. Now drop that bucket on against your head and make sure it fits the way flies you want. Start by bending these as close to the curve of the dome frame as you can. This is done by cutting out the patterns on pages. Next make the helmet outer surface it is made the same way as the inner surface and is wrapped around and glued to the inner surface 14, it will probably take at least a couple of applications to get everything looking the way you want.

Step 1: Materials, you'll need some cardboard sheet- about 1/16 inch thick material works best.Posted 5 years ago petey (484 items british WW11 Papier Mache and cloth Military Police motorcyclists helmet.The form is made from templates pages 4, 8, 11 and.