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dry before you continue. . You can use coins of two different sizes for the pieces, or cut out small pieces of paper or cardboard and color them in two different colors to make a set of checkers for each player. Just follow the step-by-step photos and our free craft directions to make your paper own paper Easter bunnies! Unfold the first sheet of paper. . At the surface things are different. Using pads of sticky notes, scrapbook paper and a few other supplies, I made one of these books for each of Rebecca's classmates to celebrate the last day of Kindergarten. . It always is easier for me to just do or show, rather than try to explain it in words accompanied by my lame photos. . Cut the second piece of paper into ten strips of the same size. . The next step is a little tricky. Turn the paper over to the wrong side, with the large section on the left, the little flap on the right, as in the photo above. . I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Once you get the hang of it though, youll be able to make lots of origami paper bunnies pen very quickly. With the other hand, grasp the bottom of an ear and turn it gently around. When dry, repeat the process with the other side. You can use eyelets to attach the circles, too, I just find mini brads to be easier. What You Do:. The paper clip is supported by the surface-tension skin of the water. After the tissue paper is thoroughly dry, use acrylic paints to play with color combinations and designs. I was working on the kitchen counter and let some of the freezer paper hang over the edge of the counter so I could hang my crystalline paper there to dry. Fold the left corner and the right corner up to the center. Heres a picture: Cut a manageable piece of tissue paper and lay it on your work surface. I got this marvelous stack of 12" x 12" scrapbooking cardstock at 50 off, and cut pieces that were 3" x 7". . So you'll end up with a pair of circles with brads attached, and one will also have a thread stuck or tied onto. . H ydrogen atoms have single electrons which tend to spend a lot of their time "inside" the water molecule, toward the oxygen atom, leaving their outsides naked, or positively charged. I just used my knitting needle, pressed down firmly on my self-healing mat and twisted it back and forth a few times. .

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And the other in the middle of the last flap on the right. Or baking paper in the oven wherever works best for you. The extraordinary stickiness of water is due to the two hydrogen atoms. How to Make Paper Squares into Paper Bunnies.

Repeat instructions as desired, until you have a satisfyingly wobbly little stack of sticky notes books.So, I would go down the office supply aisle and fill a bag with sticky notes, paper.Origami Bunnies Made from Colored.

I used 11 X 17 for my last batch. By Jane Lake, these origami paper bunnies are made from different colors of square sticky notes. This page was last updated on 080598. It worked very well to make a larger sized bunny. Fold the top left side and the top right side in toward the center. Ingredients inexpensive white tissue paper acrylic other gloss medium freezer paper masking tape acrylic paints or inks. It is no surprise that the hydrogen atoms of one water molecule like to point toward the oxygen atoms of other molecules.

Then let your three year old have one, and it will become a sticky notebook in no time flat!Fold the top corner (both layers together) down, so the tip of the corner meets the center of the other side.