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Simple rooster paper cutting



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this printable, but did have to adjust some of the snake's body so that we had more points touching the frame, for stability. We put the blanks on the ball and with a thin nail file we fix ron wise paper money their edges in the slits. Then wrap a piece of yellow paper and let it dry. A simple rooster of paper with your own hands for primary school or kindergarten can be used, for example, as a cap for a New Year's costume. Necessary materials for a New Year's craft of a rooster from a felt by the hands foam ball thin felt of white and red color red thread for knitting pencil, paper, scissors glue Instructions for a New Year's cock-fetter toys with their own hands. Watercolor paint the craft for the school in bright colors. Here's our Year of the Goat paper cut for 2015. Here's last year's paper cut, for Year of the Monkey, 2016. New Year cock for a gift with your own hands, a step-by-step master class with a photo New Year's cock with his own hands from turn-basedThe master class below is perfect for a gift. You will need: Sheet of red paper (or try something less traditional!). We glue the scallops and beaks to the workpieces, draw the eye markers with the marker. We inflate the ball and wind it with strips of newspapers moistened with glue. Try a symmetrical pattern by folding the paper and taking snips out of it, or design something a little more advanced. We gather the neck from the first blanks, we add a beak and a comb made of cardboard. Why not have a go with the kids? But for creative adults, a New Year cock for a gift with his own hands (master class with a photo) is perfect.

Simple rooster paper cutting. Hw bush appologizes about girl

Make a beautiful cock with your own hands can be made from different materials. S Year of the Rabbit paper cut. Carefully glue the scallop to the top of the cone. We dry our own craft on the sun with our own hands. From the flat part of the cover we cut out 5 pieces for the tail. S toyrooster from a feltwith their own hands. Will tell the next master class. We glue and fujicolor crystal archive paper gsm add eyes, wrapping it from two sides, fix glue or tape.

File Name: The rooster paper - cut patterns -China Illustrations Vectors.Peony paper cutting pattern vector diagram China Illustrations Vectors AI ESP.A simple rooster of paper with your own hands for primary school or kindergarten can be used, for example, as a cap for a New Year's costume.

Simple rooster paper cutting. Paper mache apostrophe symbol

Be sure to use them to create an original gift for the New Year. We in the kindergarten will need. A view piece of red paper, ve got some videos paper to watch with more paper cutting designs to try.

From the red paper we cut out two blanks for the scallop.From the red paper we cut out the beak and the scallop.