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. Be sure that they are well staffed and equiped with modern equipment necessary to sustain and improve lives. . In addition, I will provide links to web-based activities that give you more information about these topics. We often talk this way-putting a pause between the main sentence and the clause that gives the reason for something. . These things would bring satisfaction to me and change my life. . Before the comma, the independent clause sports a subject and predicate: Sharon fed Rex his dog food. To fix the problem with, strategy 2, you should do this: Grandma still rides her Harley motorcycle, and her toy poodle balances in a basket between the handlebars. Strategy 4 Use a subordinate conjunction.

Her toy poodle balances in a basket between the handlebars. Combine the two simple sentences by using how indicate citation number of papers a comma and one of the coordinating conjunctions. You just are now allowed to put a comma between two independent clauses. Thus, fragments, an educated person needs to know about many things other than the skills needed for a job. To fix the sentence with Strategy. While Grandma rides her Harley motorcycle. M report this ad We Proudly Support These Educational Associations. College students should be required to take courses that are not specifically related to their careers. A comma splice i s the misuse of a comma to make a compound sentence.

People who write comma splices do not pass English 101.Do you know what a comma splice is?Learn about one of the most.

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Some people never get the hang of using commas when they write.There are two reasons that subordinate conjunctions are tricky: 1) there are many subordinate conjunctions to choose from, and 2) you must use the right punctuation.To begin, let me tell you when not to use a comma.