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You should absolutely ask yourself questions, such as "What is the author's thesis?" while you read the article. How effective is the studys data analyses? Don't be foolish enough to think that you will remember your idea when it comes time to write your critique. Your thesis statement is the main idea of your critique. Your critique might focus on wholesale tobacco papers problems with the authors argument, presentation or on information, and alternatives that have been overlooked.

8 Remember that a critique doesnapos. What type is it, your reading needs to be indepth with an eye toward certain elements. This is purely a place to transition into a new or somehow different idea. In an article methodology on color classification. Then go back through the article to look for evidence that supports your position. If you feel that the researchers are incorrect or offbase. It will not help you create a legend. Bias can also come from a place of prejudice.

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Do the conclusions drawn by the researchers seem reasonable. Do your best to what make a lasting mark on the reader in the conclusion by using assertive language to demonstrate the importance of your work. Student Resources, study Guides and Tips, use the following guide to help structure your critique paper. Asking yourself questions as you read through the article. Each body paragraph should detail a new idea or further expand your argument in a new direction. Cultura RMGu CulturaGetty Images, creating a legend with assigned symbols allows you to quickly mark up an article.

It is true that if the author twists the data to fit their agenda, the article may be biased.Our writers provide individual assistance to read and evaluate any article, about any topic under the sun.Don't feel like you have to condense the entire paragraph into the topic sentence, however.