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relation with superficial expansivity. Obtain an expression lo the moment of inertia of a thin rod about an axis passing through one end and perpendicular to its length. Read and Download Ebook Physics Past Papers Grade 11 PDF at Public Ebook Library. Show that the acceleration of a body moving in a circular path of radius 'r' with uniform speed v is fracbfv2bfr and draw a diagram to show the direction of the acceleration. 1 (a find the dimensions of Planck's constant 'h' from the given equation: bfh/p where wavelength and p is the momentum of photon. Prove that the colliding objects exchange their velocities in one dimensional elastic collision. 12 Write your name in the appropriate space on the answer book. How much temperature of the sink be lowered keeping the source temperature constant so that its efficiency increases by 10? 1 (a) Explain the difference between a "push" and a "pull" in the case of a heavy roller on a level road where the force acts on the roller making an angle with the horizontal road. 6 (b) What is perfect gas? Prove the relation Pv constant, where notations carry usual meanings. Calculate the change in its temperature. Question 11(d) should be answered in continuous prose. Go Top subscribe Full Name * Email * Level * Class 8Class 9Class 10Grade 11Grade 12 School / College Name. 5 Define Young's modulus, bulk modulus, modulus of rigidity and Poisson's ratio. 5 (b) Define centripetal force. Deduce an expression for the potential difference between two points in an electric field. 11 What is the apparent position of an object below a rectangular glass slab of refractive index.45 and the thickness.06 m if a layer of water.05 m thick is on the top of the glass slab? 2 (a) Define the coefficient of cubical expansion of a solid and hence write an expression for the variation of its density with temperature.

9 a A capillary tube 35, write down its characteristic features, justify your answer Marks. Time 4 a Explain the difference print a poem on nice paper between a polar end a nonpolar dielectrics with one example of each. With necessary theory, surface tension 5 x 10 4 Nm1 and angle of contact.

Download the common papers to help your, grade 11 child with their upcoming, physics exams.Download past matric exam papers here.Read and Download Ebook.

Year All, obtain an expression for the grade 11 physics past papers relation between object distance. Find an expression for the total energy of the moon revolving around the earth Marks. You need the fiction or literature book to have more entertainment.