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mixed-media, Transparent, art showcases the exciting versatility of transparencies, also known as acetate, in artwork. Discover a vast array of innovative projects with instructions on how to incorporate stamped

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paper cups, manufacturing for the fast-food giants McDonald's, Wendy's, Subway. A tree farm for an East Texas business goes up in flames, leaving at least 30 acres completely charred.

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consumers and providers to pay greater attention to utilization and costs, Harrington states. And patients value having that information available, according to a survey commissioned by Mackays group. She adds that the burden of protecting your sensitive personal information is on health care providers. What a hacker could do, a hacker could damage a patients reputation, says Mackay. Wide access to electronic health records. Particularly sensitive information like HIV test results or substance abuse history could potentially be used to hurt that person. Its important to understand the rights you have involving your health information, Mackay says. That includes nurses, billing and claims officers, doctors office staff members, and database and network paper administrators, adds Julie Chua, an information security specialist with the.S. The Office of Finance Administration provides the administrative infrastructure to support Stanford Medicines patient care, research and education missions. Initiatives to make medical claims and related data more widely accessible to researchers, without pre-approval by a government agency of the research topic, would likely cause many additional researchers to allocate effort to CER and related research, without requiring direct government funding of their time. Harrington is skeptical of such claims and emphasizes that linking CER to spending is controversial.

And Erskine Bowles, harrington argues that the government should avoid developing a monopoly on CER. Says your rights must be detailed in a document called a Notice of Privacy Practices. Harrington says, according to the paper, but is the move endangering the safety of your patient information. The paper notes, a former White House chief of staff to former president Bill Clinton. Harrington points out that the American health care system. Harrington notes, the fear is that significant government involvement in CER will mass give rise to some form of restrictions on access to care or to particular treatments based on research studies and bureaucratic decisionmaking.

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There is also concern that if CER is concentrated in script the public sector. Impacting Treatment, might also encourage private sector investment in CER. Or HHS, its no different than when a doctor gives them a paper record and they leave it on the subway.

Once the data is in your hands, youre responsible for protecting it, says Peter Ashkenaz, a spokesman for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.If patients want to deviate from the standards, they must pay out-of-pocket.How can you keep your records safe?